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LOCKDOWN – This too shall pass!

Where does one even begin. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine experiencing anything in my life time as we are currently going through with a global lockdown of this magnitude. If I thought that nothing could be more dramatic as 9/11, I must admit that this global pandemic is on another scale! My heart bleeds for those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic and still are. I pray that this will pass soon and that the global community will be restored to a better village where there is more concern for the well being of our fellow citizen as opposed to the material gain and greed, which becomes futile and frivolous as proved by what we are going through. Health is certainly valued more than wealth!

So much conspiracy theories are going around on what brought on this pandemic, from the Chinese keeping it under wraps for months in 2019 when it broke out in Wuhan, a province in China, before the rest of the world became aware of the severity of the pandemic in early January 2020. Theories about the implementation of G5 radiation affecting people’s health, and the Corona virus vaccine where scientists in China and the USA were exposed to. So much confusion and uncertainty on what has brought this on but one thing for sure is that the world is going to be a different place going forward. Some predict that there will be a new world order with the Chinese firmly in charge and Russia as their close allies. The USA President has been quite vocal in calling the virus the “Chinese virus” and one has to say that a lot of deaths could have been prevented had the Chinese been more forthcoming in disclosing information sooner about the virus. When citizens of a country are gagged from speaking their minds and doctors and scientists who has been vocal about the pandemic, suddenly disappear from the face of the earth, then one cannot but wonder what the Chinese are trying to hide. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has been severely criticised for their handling of the pandemic with the result that the USA have withdrawn their billions of USD funding to the organisation.

On the positive side, however, I have seen how people are coming together in prayer, family units are restored as more time is spent with children or spouses and more sober minds around. I, for one, have been waking up at 5.00am every morning for the first 21 days of our lockdown to agree in prayer with Pastor Jermaine as he brought the global community in prayer. We prayed for the sick, political leaders, doctors, nurses, just about everyone in the health care industry, for the poor, the homeless, ministers of God’s Word, for business people and for the world to become a better place. I believe that this lockdown has allowed for the family value system to be restored and that more introspection and thought has gone into what is important and not so important in life. I firmly believe that although things will not go back to what it was before, the pandemic is certainly making an impact on the moral fibre of our lives and that we will come out of this better human beings who will appreciate and be thankful for life and its meaning to humanity.

We continue to pray daily and trust God to heal the world, spiritually, physically and financially. This too shall pass!

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