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my covid19 experience

As promised in my previous blog, I would now like to write about my Covid19 experience. Firstly, I would like to thank God for bringing me through a dreadful and depressing time. If anyone has ever told you that this disease is demonic, then I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree.

People I personally knew, were succumbing to the disease and it was so bad that in one day I had to sympathise with 4 different families who had lost loved ones. People were taken up in hospital for oxygen as they could not breathe on their own and most never returned. Every cause of death was said to be due to Covid even though it could have been due to an underlying disease. I have never witnessed so much fear amongst people for a disease but what encouraged and blessed me, was that there was an increase in faith and the word “prayer” was mentioned many a times. If you never believed in the God of the heavenliness, this was a time where you depended on Him to save you and your family.

When I contracted the disease, in August 2020, it was during the worst time when so many people died globally, especially in Italy but I refused to give power to the name covid. I was ill for 10 days and nursed myself at home. Firstly, by praying, steaming and using red onion which I have great respect for today. I am extremely thankful for the online remedies because that is where I saw a video of someone in the UK showing how one should use red onion. I used to cut up the red onion, put it in a cloth and tied it on the inside of my pyjamas on my chest. I refreshed the onion at night before I went to bed and would also put it in my socks and sleep with it. Thank goodness it was winter when I had it. I could not eat for 3 days and only drank liquids. I struggled to breathe and one morning I was sitting on the toilet and the next thing I passed out and found myself on the floor. My husband just heard the loud bang and rushed to help me to the room. I was soaking wet from the temperature but I refused to go to hospital and just drank lots of water, prayed, steamed with eucalyptus oil and used the red onion, eating it and putting it on my chest.

After 10 days the worst was over but I could not shake off this terrible pressure on my head. It felt like someone was sitting on my forehead. My friend Alice who does scientific healing on her machine where she straps a band around your feet and on your forehead and the machine will then read and identify your ailments. It will even pick up your emotions but since it was lockdown and because she treated me long before covid hit us, she was able to do a treatment remotely. She scheduled an hour with me and did a treatment. She picked up that I had a VitD3 deficiency and coincidentally I had just watched a video clip of Tyler Perry telling his melanin brothers and sisters to take their VitD3.

The following day I went to the doctor for a script of VitD3 and also to test myself for Covid19 which came back positive. The doctor gave me a script for VitD3 but what was funny is that no pharmacy had any in stock. I eventually found some at a small pharmacy but since I had a script for 5000mg and they only had 15000mg in stock, and it could only be taken once a week, they had to call the doctor to approve. I thank God for the online remedies of steaming and red onion as well as my friend Alice who picked up the deficiency of VitD3, and of course, Tyler. I took the tablet as soon as I got home and believe me, the heaviness on my forehead was gone the following day.! So my black brothers and sisters, the sun is not enough, include your VitD3 in your supplements.

One other thing that I have to mention is the feeling of depression I felt. I always heard of people suffering from depression but never knew what they were talking about. This is my reason for calling this disease demonic! WHO (World Health Org) statistics have proved that people die more of depression and anxiety than cancer or heart attacks. I would not want my worst enemy to experience the feeling I went through during those 10 days. It was only my faith and prayer that brought me through and I am forever grateful to my Heavenly Father. I am now certainly more attentive and compassionate towards people suffering from diseases such as depression and anxiety.

Phew! quite a long Blog but since I do not write that often, I have given you enough to chew on for now. Stay healthy, safe and blessed until next time! Mystorymystrength